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    C2 radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

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    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

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    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Electronic warfare C2 application


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    Radio reconnaissance and surveillance application


    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

  • IZ225

    Radio reconnaissance receiver

Radio jamming



Timber Express 2021

29. 6. 2021

Timber Express 2021 (TREX21) was a German national tactical datalink exercise conducted in June 2021 arranged by Bundeswehr with international participation.

The focus of the exercise was the interoperability between tactical data links such as CESMO, DACAS and Link 16 to include verification and training. Czech Armed forces participated to test and evaluate the most current CESMO applications and processes.


URC Systems is currently delivering its product CESMOS (CESMO Solution), a CESMO software toolbox for Sensors and the CESMO Fusion and Coordination Element to Bundeswehr.  URC Systems specialists in cooperation with specialists of JISR Institute were supporting the whole exercise to ensure customer satisfaction and system stability. During TREX21, CESMOS was deployed in the CESMO Fusion and Coordination (CFC) workplace and in various CESMO Collector Assets (CCA), e. g. ship, submarine, helicopters, UAVs and Tornado ECR and served as a backbone of the CESMO objectives. It allowed the operators to control the CESMO network, publish requests for data collection, publish and evaluate interceptions and to create the CESMO Order of Battle. Furthermore, CESMOS was used to bridging between the infrastructure network (LAN) and the radio network by use of its smart bridge.

CESMOS proved to be stable and to provide the functionalities required to participate in CESMO in the role of a collector asset (CCA) and as CFC. During the exercise URC Systems and JISR Institute gained new great experience with real deployment to field.

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