Radio reconnaissance and surveillance


    EW command and control system


    C2 radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Mobile

    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Light

    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Electronic warfare C2 application


    Radio reconnaissance and surveillance SW system


    Radio reconnaissance and surveillance application


    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

  • IZ225

    Radio reconnaissance receiver

Radio jamming



Czech Republic supported projects

Current solved Research & Development projects


The aim of this project, which is focused on international cooperation in applied research is to improve automatic methods of classification of radio and radio-technical signals, design, and verification of new algorithms with subsequent application to existing radio and radio-technical surveillance systems. New software for the automatic classification of radio and radio-technical signals using advanced signal processing methods – NEOCLASSIG with elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be developed.

This project is co-financed by the state support throught the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the frameword of DELTA 2 program 2021-2024, participants: URC Systems, spol. s r.o. and University of Defence; foreign partners – Le Quy Don Technical University Vietnam and ASIC Technologies, JSC.


The target of the project MULTITREK is system for monitoring the positions of forces and assets of the Police is an unattended multitrack system for the transfer of position data between vehicle crew members – police officers and the vehicle using MASH network and integration into ILS (Integrated Localization System) via GSM so that the localization and other information of these forces and assets can by displayed anywhere in the Czech Police network.

Research, development and innovation project, support provider and contracting authority: MoI of the Czech Republic, 2020-2021, participants: SEFOR Solutions, URC Systems, Dynavix

DETEKCE (Carry IED detection)

The detection of a carry improvised explosive devices project DETEKCE aims to area of research and development the detection system of individuals who potentially can have on their body placed improvised explosive device usable to suicide attack.

The project of applied research and development was initiated and partially funded (75%) by: MoI of the Czech Republic, 2017-2019, implementation plan: 2020-2024

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