Radio reconnaissance and surveillance


    EW command and control system


    C2 radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Mobile

    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Light

    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Electronic warfare C2 application


    Radio reconnaissance and surveillance SW system


    Radio reconnaissance and surveillance application


    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

  • IZ225

    Radio reconnaissance receiver

Radio jamming




29. 6. 2021

Timber Express 2021

Timber Express 2021 (TREX21) was a German national tactical datalink exercise conducted in June 2021 arranged by Bundeswehr with international participation. The focus of the exercise was the interoperability between tactical data links such as CESMO, DACAS and Link 16 to include verification and training. Czech Armed forces participated to test and evaluate the most current CESMO applications and processes.  

25. 6. 2021

Signals Corps Conference 2021

The URC Systems and JISR Institute actively participated in the Signal Corps Conference of the Army of the Czech Republic organized by the Agency for Communication and Information Systems in cooperation with the Czech branch of AFCEA under the patronage of the Communication and Information Systems Section of the Ministry of Defence on June 16th and 17th, 2021, in Lipník nad Bečvou.

4. 6. 2021

Seminar – A set of strategic considerations and information “C4ISTAR”

In cooperation with the University of Defence Brno and defence industry companies JISR Institute and URC Systems. The first year of the "C4ISTAR" seminar took place on May 25, 2021 at the company premises of URC Systems in Brno, where the following presenters spoke:

29. 4. 2021

We have successfully completed the C-UAV project “BEZPILOTY”

We have successfully completed a four-year security research and development project for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic under the leadership of prof. Ing. Jaroslav Čechák, Ph.D.

21. 12. 2020

PF 2021

Good day, We would like to wish you a nice Christmas and many personal and professional successes in the new year. Regards, The URC team.

18. 6. 2020

Timber Express 2020 with URC Systems

From the beginning of June, our electronic warfare system experts have been participating in military exercise Timber Express 2020 at airforce base Jagel, Germany.

19. 12. 2019

PF 2020

3. 9. 2019

STAR Light 3 SF in Gerlach 4 x 4 vehicle

We are introducing the STAR Light 3 SF vehicular protection jammer at the International Defense Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce (Poland) in these days. STAR Light 3 SF is built into the Gerlach 4 x 4 vehicle developed by ZETOR Engineering, Brno, Czech Republic. The exhibition will run until Friday, 6 September.

2. 7. 2019

CWIX 2019

The URC Systems representatives participated in the CWIX 2019 – JISR Section in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

24. 6. 2019

ANDROMEDA in ATM magazine

UAx Under ANDROMEDA Control, this is the title of the article we published in a special ATM International 2019.


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