Radio reconnaissance and surveillance

  • SYMON Stationary

    Stationary radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Mobile

    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Light

    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

  • IZ225

    Radio reconnaissance receiver

Radio jamming



    Mobile operations and communication center

  • C2VAN

    Mobile command, control, communication and monitoring center


    Intervention vehicular system

  • C2AP

    Command and control support application

  • ILS

    Integrated localization services


    Service performance support application

  • PVG

    PTT (Push-To-Talk) application



Intervention vehicular system

INCREMO (INtegrated Communication and REcordingMobile Office) is a complex, camera, recording, localization and vetting vehicle information system, that includes technical equipment and software – REDBAC V data compatible with the application to support C2AP command and control and an  application for central collection and management of localization data Forces and Means – ILS.

INCREMO can be deployed in GSM and TETRAPOL (PEGAS) networks. In the new generation of GSM networks, it enables the transmission of video recordings from the vehicle. It is fully integrated with the SEFOR Solutions VIDEOMAN application for online and offline video management.

The system can be modularly supplemented with offered functionalities according to specific customer requirements.

The INCREMO systems provides the following basic functions:

  • prompt localisation of patrol vehicles to ensure optimal coordination of action in a given territory,
  • on-line vetting of persons/vehicles on the relevant registers and databases,
  • capturing video from the course of dealing with emergency situations.

In use by the special Military Police units of the Czech Republic since 2015.

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