• C4EW / EWMAN

    Electronic warfare C2 system


    Combat INTEL & ISR Solution

  • C4S

    Command and Control Support System for Security Forces

Radio reconnaissance and surveillance

  • SYMON Stationary

    Stationary radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Mobile

    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Light

    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

  • IZ225

    Radio reconnaissance receiver

Radio jamming



    Mobile operations and communication center

  • C2VAN

    Mobile command, control, communication and monitoring center


    Intervention vehicular system

  • C2AP

    Command and control support application

  • ILS

    Integrated localization services


    Service performance support application

  • PVG

    PTT (Push-To-Talk) application



Combat INTEL & ISR Solution

Na vývoji tohoto systému úzce spolupracujeme se společností JISR Institute.

The ISRMAN (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance MANagement) is a comprehensive automated command and control system with ISRMAN SW application software to support intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities within the ISR process (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance process) at ISR command and control headquaters and directly and indirectly subordinate sensor ISR platforms and to support intelligence cycle activities – INTEL cycle (INTElligence cycle). The ISRMAN system can be deployed in C/V/S (Container / Vehicle / Stationary) variants.


  • ISRMAN SW ISR Command and Control application; ISR core functionality customizable to meet national needs and processes for TCPED (Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination) nodes; NATO standards support implemented as integral or standalone products:
    • CSDMAN ISR Product Library compliant with CSD/STANAG 4559 NSILI (NATO Standard ISR Library Interface),
    • NVGMAN Tactical plot and Operational Picture management tool compliant with NVG (NATO Vector Graphics),
    • IMINTMAN Imagery and video management and exploitation tool,
    • MTForm Application for Military Message Text Formats from APP11 Catalogue,
    • NFFIER Friendly units tracking application,
    • JREAPPER SW implementation of Link 16 via JREAP-C,
    • CHATMAN Universal chat application compliant with NATO JCHAT,
  • ISR Adapter – software tool utilizing platforms access to the ISR network.

Within the cooperation with company JISR Institute. 

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