Radio reconnaissance and surveillance

  • SYMON Stationary

    Stationary radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Mobile

    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Portable

    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Collector

    Warning unmanned radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Craft

    Airborne radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Radio reconnaissance, surveillance and jamming application

  • AKRS

    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

Radio jamming



    Mobile operations, communication and monitoring center

  • C2VAN

    Mobile command, communication and monitoring center


    Intervention vehicular system

  • C4S

    Command, control and coordination security platform

  • C2AP

    Command, control and integration localization services support application

  • ILS

    Integrated localization services


    Service performance support application

Unmanned ground vehicles


Mobile operations, communication and monitoring center

JUPITER is a mobile workplace equipped with monitoring technology and other special equipment. enabling long-term activity of the crisis staff up to 10 + 2 persons with its own source of electric power. It is intended for solving the crisis situations where it is necessary to have a larger team of cooperating persons from various units at the place of intervention.

The equipment of the vehicle container enables the crisis staff to use the full comfort of communication, data and image information, just like when working at a stationary workplace, regardless of the distribution of electricity. The construction of a special box superstructure enables to increase the internal space for the staff so that meetings of a multimember crisis staff with sufficient space and comfort corresponding to the solved situation can be organized here.

JUPITER contains sufficient means of communication that can be interconnected and provides joint command with other units of the IRS (Integrated Rescue System). High-capacity data communication technology, including satellite transmission, provides access to all customer´s systems in the field conditions. There is sufficient amount of display units in the vehicle for a quality overview of overall situation for all members of the crisis staff, including displays on the outside of the vehicle to inform the executive units.

The workplace can be protected by a camera perimeter of near and far range, as well as FVZ for staying in contaminated areas (smokestacks, tear gas), but also by technology of protection against terrorist action with RCIED (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) and effective counteract against UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

JUPITER is/provides:

  • MOBILE OPERATIONS CENTRE – enables fully taking over the activities of the operations center in the field, control of units in the field during deployment at demonstrations, search operations or natural disasters using the C2AP command and control support application, ILS integrated localization services and other applications and subsystems.
  • COMMUNICATION CENTRE – provision of voice and “SMART” data connection with stacionary systems and with cooperating units operating in the field, which include IP voice gateway – PTT (Push-To-Talk) SEFOR Solutions © PVG system and other applications and subsystems.
  • CAMERA SURVEILLANCE – monitoring of the situation with recording with the possibility of online transmission to the customer‘s data network which includes INCREMO/REDBAC V, service performance support subsystem, SEFOR Solutions © VIDEOMAN localization video player application and other applications and subsystems.
  • SEARCH MISSIONS – technologies for searching for lost people even in difficult terrain using the SEFOR Solutions © pTRACK tracking localization system.
  • REMOTE CHECKING – checking of persons and vehicles using the application to support the performance of service  REDBAC V and online access to the customer’s databases.

In use of the Police of the Czech Republic since 2022. More info

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