About us

URC Systems, spol. s r.o. is a Czech company established in 1998 with the aim to realization complex software and hardware solutions for customer's demanding requirements in the areas of:

  • Police Command, Control and Service Performance,
  • Command and Control of Combat and Electronic Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Radio Jamming, 
  • Data Communication and Integration.

Our activities focus on:


The solution of projects of the security and defence research and development in the area of sensor-based systems, combat intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and radio jamming and information and communication technologies keep our company always several steps ahead of the competitors. We co-operate with Czech and foreign universities and research institutions.



We develop information systems – hardware, software and integration solutions for systems and applications of the command and control and performance of service of the policeelectronic warfarecombat intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and other bodies of the army. We co-operate with the Police and the Army of the Czech Republic and NATO within conceptions of the development in given areas.



We produce jammers for the protection against the radio controlled improvised devices, ruggedized computers, radio elements and radio reconnaissance and surveillanceand sets including their building in motor vehicles. All operations in our company are realized in accordance with existing quality systems according to norms EN ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 according to ČOS 051622.



We carry on the training of our users within the implementation of new systems and innovation of our product portfolio and their education from the latest knowledge in the fields of sensor-based systems, surveillance, reconnaissance and radio jamming, analytic procedures of the command and control and other spheres of interest.



We provide the service and maintenance as the integral part of the life cycle of our products. We own accredited service centre for radio stations THALES. We carry on the installation, configuration and administration of working stations and servers for operation systems LINUX a MS Windows.