Radio reconnaissance and surveillance

  • SYMON Stationary

    Stationary radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Mobile

    Mobile radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Portable

    Portable radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Collector

    Warning unmanned radio reconnaissance and surveillance system

  • SYMON Craft

    Airborne radio reconnaissance and surveillance system


    Radio reconnaissance, surveillance and jamming application

  • AKRS

    Radiosignal analysis and classification application

Radio jamming



    Mobile operations, communication and monitoring center

  • C2VAN

    Mobile command, communication and monitoring center


    Intervention vehicular system

  • C4S

    Command, control and coordination security platform

  • C2AP

    Command, control and integration localization services support application

  • ILS

    Integrated localization services


    Service performance support application

Unmanned ground vehicles

MV-4 Scorpion

Light Category EOD Robotic System

The MV-4 is one of the world’s best renowned light category mine clearance and EOD robotic systems. Its low profile and robust structure make it resistant to all AP mines detonations and UXOs of similar intensity. It can also sustain AT mine explosions. MV-4 is the only mine clearance and EOD robotic system in its category that has proved its efficiency in real combat environment. It can clear an area using one of several different attachments to include rollers, flails, plow/blade, gripper, EOD Arm.

The vehicle is intended to give the user a safe standoff (1500 m, line of sight) while conducting area or route clearance. The roller attachment clears or proofs a 2 m-wide path and can travel at speeds up to 8 km/h. The overall weight of the vehicle is 7 tons, which makes it a perfect asset to clear IEDs intended for dismounted targets.

Facts and Figures

  • The best world-renowned robotic demining system, lighttracked, remotely controlled
  • For all types of Anti-Personnel mines and Unexploded ordnance with similar TNT equivalent
  • Strong survivability against Anti-Tank mine detonation
  • Standard operating tool: Flail Tool Attachment
  • Additional available tools: Tiller, Roller, Gripper, Blade, Rear Forklift and Shovel
  • The most tested and evaluated demining machine in the world
  • Operated by a single user with a remote-control unit
Product ID : MV-4

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